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Over the years security fencing has become more key to industrial sites, schools, parks, car –forecourts, Local authorities, and so on, where the need to protect property and keep youngsters safe growing rapidly each year. Yarco Fencing can install all types of security fencing in Norfolk and North Suffolk area's with professionalism, knowledge and expertise, allowing us to offer you the best solution to whatever the situation.

Our range of security systems includes the traditional chainlink and palisade fencing along with Weldmesh, Bowtop, Steel Railings and all types of mesh systems such as Paladin, Pallas, and more. We are sure that we can meet any requirement to offer the best security fencing, whether it be Bowtop Railings for Schools, Sports Fencing for Recreational Grounds or Palisade for Industrial sites. We also offer gate sizes to suit to match any of the security systems required to maintain the security of your property.

About the types of security fencing;

Palisade Fencing

Palisade is the primary choice for security fencing used by local authorities, business and schools. Available in Galvanised or Powder coated to various colours with different tops such as the popular triple pointed, or round topped used primarily for lower fence’s or for a more pleasant look. With heights ranging from 1.2 metres high to 3.6 metres high, this is the system to please all.

Chainlink Fencing

Chainlink fencing is the traditional style of security fencing which is often seen between dividing gardens as an open boundary divide. Available to be installed using Angle posts, (galvanised or Powder coated), Concrete or Timber posts the versatility to adapt to any situation is possible. Chainlink mesh itself available in Galvanised or PPC with different gauges to accommodate the requirement and available in heights ranging from 0.90metres high to 3.6 metres high, the options are endless.

Chainlink is the most common source for Tennis courts and can also be adapted to have either Barbed wire or razor top fitted to the top for that more deterrent look for possible intruders.

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